My body.

My body is so beautiful.

The water wicks off in beads. They said we’d perfected a second skin. The first installations were somewhat successful. The FDA went along. The size of the lobby was almost unstoppable.

The shower still has some sentimental value, I guess. The steam, the water, the time to disconnect. I watch the water bead off of my epidermal envelope, knowing that its self­cleaning, self­regenerative, and utterly inert to the acidic pollutants of the atmosphere. I knew, I knew I would react to the anti­rejections, and the immunosuppressants, but I didn’t know it would feel this good. The doctor said to me “Eventually, you’re going to have to ask yourself the question: are you wearing it, or is it wearing you?”

­­ -Dylan Aiello


An eBook designed by VISUALIZE->ACTUALIZE

A scent by Clémence de La Tour du Pin

A fog-installation containing ~2.22 μg/m3 nicotine, and 60-minute video by BLUNTxSKENSVED

with texts by: Anna Sagström + Matilda Tjäder, Susy Oliveira, Zayne Armstrong, Dorota Gaweda, Emma Siemens ­Adolphe, Susan Ploetz, Jeni Fulton, Kate Brown, Egle Kulbokaite, Wojciech Olejnik, Antoine Renard, Mark Stroemich, Robin Murphy, Carl Palm + Sebastian Rozenberg, Lauryn Youden, Viktor Timofeev, Zuzanna Ratajczyk, Beny Wagner, Shaun Motsi, Luca Iemi, Dylan Aiello, Alex Turgeon, Bitsy Knox, Clémence de La Tour du Pin


­­ @ 8eleven
233 Spadina Ave., Toronto
June-July​, 2015